Helicopter (song)

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Single by Bloc Party
from the album Silent Alarm
Released 25 October 2004
Format CD, 7" Vinyl
Genre Post-punk revival, indie rock
Length 3:40
Label Wichita
Bloc Party singles chronology
"Little Thoughts/Tulips"
Music sample
30-second excerpt of "Helicopter".
For other uses, see Helicopter (disambiguation).

"Helicopter" is a song by English rock band Bloc Party that was originally released in the UK in 2004 on the Little Thoughts EP, and two years later as a single from their debut album, Silent Alarm in the US. The song was received with much acclaim, reaching number 26 on the UK Singles Chart on its first release, but failing to chart in the US. Various remixes have been recorded. It has also been featured on the video games Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: On Tour, FIFA 06, Project Gotham Racing 3, Burnout Revenge, Colin McRae Dirt 2, and Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. The song was also featured in the film "Yes Man" and in the Malcolm in the Middle episode, "Morp".

Musical structure and theme[edit]

"Helicopter" was written by all the band members prior to their debut album. Composed in B minor, it was written in common time and has a quick tempo of 171 beats per minute.[1]

The lyrics are in equal measure about the Iraq War and the red and blue states as well as UK apathy and appropriation of U.S. culture.

Track listing[edit]

7" Wichita / WEBB070S (UK)
  1. "Helicopter"
  2. "Skeleton"
Compact Disc
Wichita / WEBB070SCD (UK)
  1. "Helicopter"
  2. "Always New Depths"
  3. "Tulips" (Minotaur Shock Mix)
US Compact Disc
  1. "Helicopter" (Diplo Remix)
  2. "Helicopter" (Weird Science Remix featuring Peaches)
  3. "Helicopter" (Whitey Remix)
  4. "Helicopter" (Original Version)
US 12" vinyl
  1. "Helicopter" (Diplo Remix)
  2. "Helicopter" (Weird Science Remix featuring Peaches)

Music video[edit]

The music video has been on YouTube since 27 August 2006.[2] The video is displayed in black and white and shows the band playing in an old, empty house. Lead singer Kele Okereke can be seen wearing a Batman T-shirt in the video as well. The music video has received the most views of any of Bloc Party's songs on YouTube, gaining over 16,000,000 views, and their second most viewed music video, Banquet, has received over 14,000,000 views.


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