Hell Followed

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"Hell Followed"
Sons of Anarchy episode
SOA-Hell Followed.jpg
Josh Kohn's body in a ditch.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 9
Directed by Billy Gierhart
Written by Brett Conrad
Production code 1WAB08
Original air date October 29, 2008 (2008-10-29)
Running time 45 minutes
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Pull"
Next →
"Better Half"
Episode chronology

"Hell Followed" is the ninth episode of the FX television series Sons of Anarchy. It was written by Brett Conrad, directed by Billy Gierhart and originally aired on October 29, 2008.



Guest starring[edit]


The morning after shooting Josh Kohn and sleeping with Tara, Jax drives out to the woods in Tara's Oldsmobile Cutlass and buries Kohn's body. Back at the house, Tara looks in the mirror at herself, then suddenly runs to the toilet to throw up. She looks at the blood stain still on her bathroom floor and breaks into tears.

Following the failed attempt on Clay's life, the Sons regroup at the clubhouse and consider their next move. Cameron's condition is worsening, and the club don't know where Jax is. Unser then arrives. With the two Mayans killed in the bar shootout and two women and a Nord at Darby's house, the body count for the previous night stands at five. Clay denies knowing anything about the murders, but Unser insists he come down to the station house.

Gemma and Tig turn up at Tara's house, looking for Jax, and find him safe and sound. They chastise him for not having his priorities straight, and tell him he should go to the clubhouse and bring more medical supplies. They are disappointed that he would rather be with his girlfriend than with the club at a time like this. He retorts: it is not like that.

At the station, Clay discovers that Darby is also in custody. Darby tells Hale the Mayans tried to kill him, not SAMCRO. Hale tells him they have his statement, and they'll look into his allegations. Darby, angered by the comment, punches Hale in the face. The officers restrain them both, and Unser tells them to take Darby to holding. Darby shouts racist comments, and Unser asks him if he knows that he's married to a "dark-skinned woman". Darby says he does, and Unser slugs him in the belly, then the officers carry Darby away.

Jax and Tara meet at the hospital to discuss their future in light of Kohn's gruesome demise. The pair then head to the clubhouse, where Tara treats Cameron's gunshot wounds. Hayes offers the Sons a free shipment of weapons if they murder Brenan Hefner, the Oakland Port Commissioner who killed McKeavy, as he is about to blow the whistle on an IRA gun shipment. The Sons agree and decide that Jax, Bobby, and Opie will make the hit. Opie volunteers to pull the trigger himself to prove his loyalty to the club, which has been in question recently. When he leaves the clubhouse, Opie's wife Donna is waiting to confront him, as he had told her he would stop his involvement with the club.

Back at the police station, Clay and Unser continue their conversation, and Unser warns Clay of the effects of a gang war in Charming. Unser lights up a marijuana joint, and tells Clay it's for his cancer. Then, a rumbling of motorcycles is heard on the streets, and Unser looks out to see SAMCRO's other chapters ride into Charming. Clay says there's only one thing that can make this work; Unser should bring Alvarez to the station in order for the gang leaders to make a truce. After convincing Darby to let SAMCRO handle the retaliation against the Mayans, Clay meets Alvarez alone in a cell. Rather than exacting revenge, however, Clay strikes a deal: the Sons will begin selling guns to the Mayans, and all Mayan-SOA disputes (over turf, businesses, etc.) end in the SOA's favour. Alvarez also gives the Sons permission to kill his son Esai, as revenge for the attempted hit on Clay.

Clay is later released from jail and calls a meeting at Chapel. He informs the rest of the club about his meetings with Darby and Alvarez. Piney is upset that Clay made such a big decision without calling a vote, and Juice warns Clay that the One-Niners won't be happy about SAMCRO selling weapons to the Mayans. Clay then calls a vote over the Mayans, and Jax tells the group the Niners never showed any loyalty to the club, anyway. The club agrees to sell to the Mayans, and Happy is elected to execute the hit on Esai. The club then throws a party celebrating Clay's release.

The next day, Jax, Bobby, and Opie head out to the motel in Oakland where Hefner is seeing his mistress, a 17-year-old Black girl named Eviqua Michaels. Opie waits outside Hefner's motel room, while Jax and Bobby keep watch. When Hefner leaves his room, Opie freezes, and Bobby is forced step in and shoot Hefner at close-range with a silenced pistol. The trio then flee, but Eviqua is able to see the shooters.

Meanwhile, at a park, Alvarez meets with his son, Esai. Alvarez tells him he's not disappointed in him about the hits going bad. He tells Esai because of the mistake, Alvarez had to sit down with SAMCRO to make a deal so to get guns. He tells Esai it's because of him they can make the deal, and he's proud of him. They go to get churros from a concession stand. Alvarez hugs his son and tells him he loves him. Suddenly, the vendor at the stand reveals himself to be Happy, and he buries an ice pick in the base of Esai's skull. With that, Alvarez kisses his dying son and hands Happy an envelope, and they walk away.

During a montage at the end of the episode, Happy is seen getting another happy face tattoo (as he does every time he kills someone[citation needed]) and Jax visits the grave he dug for Kohn. He burns Kohn's body in the grave and then throws his father's book into the fire. He suddenly has a change of heart and grabs the book out of the fire, but part of it is burned. He stares at the book realizing what he just did.


Medical goofs[edit]

Tara throws Gemma a bottle of Vancomycin and says "it will kill anything, take two now and one every four hours". However, oral Vancomycin is only used for intestinal infections (C. difficile) and not absorbed into the bloodstream, so the medication would do nothing for Cameron's infection. Also, Vancomycin only has a gram positive spectrum of activity and won't "kill anything".[1]

She also calls it penicillin, but Vancomycin is actually a member of the glycopeptide class of antibiotics.[citation needed]



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