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"Hella / Four Tet"
Single by Hella & Four Tet
Released March 30, 2004
Format 7"
Genre Experimental rock, noise rock, math rock, post-rock, post-punk, avant-garde
("Stephen Hawking Has a Posse")

Ambient, IDM, chillwave, downtempo, post-rock, experimental, avant-garde
("Both When I Am Alone and We Both Are")
Label Ache
Hella chronology
The Devil Isn't Red
Hella / Four Tet
Church Gone Wild/Chirpin Hard
Four Tet chronology
"As Serious as Your Life"
Hella / Four Tet
Live in Copenhagen 30th March 2004

Hella / Four Tet is a split single by Hella and Four Tet, released on the Canadian label Ache Records in March 2004. It was the first in the label's "Div/orce" series of 7" split singles, each of which comprises two tracks that are "deliberately different from each other sonically".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Four Tet – "Both When I Am Alone and We Both Are"
  2. Hella – "Stephen Hawking Has a Posse"


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