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Hellebæk is a town in North Zealand in Denmark. It has a population of 5,510 (1 January 2014)[1] and is sited by the Øresund about 5 kilometres north of Helsingør, in Helsingør Municipality and the Capital Region.

Hellebæk has historically grown to merge with the nearby settlement of Ålsgårde and was centred on the military industrial (and later clothing factory) complex at Hammermøllen. In the case of war, the Danish government and royal family would move into a bunker at Hellebæk (Regan Øst), prior to the construction of 60 metre deep nuclear bunker Regan Vest in the Rold Skov.


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Coordinates: 56°4′10″N 12°33′20″E / 56.06944°N 12.55556°E / 56.06944; 12.55556