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The Hellecasters are an American guitar group. Composed of Nashville session players Will Ray, John Jorgenson (Desert Rose, and Elton John's backup band), and Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), they all play modified versions of the Fender Telecaster as their main instruments. Their name, it has been speculated, comes from a pun, wherein they claim to play the hell out of their Telecasters. They came together at the behest of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees to record an album. Their first two albums, The Return of the Hellecasters and Escape from Hollywood, were released by Nesmith's Pacific Arts Audio label.



Year Title Label
1993 The Return of the Hellecasters Pharaoh
1994 Escape from Hollywood Pharaoh
1997 Hell 3: New Axes to Grind Pharaoh
2002 Essential Listening 1 Hightone

Multi-artist collections[edit]

Year Title Label
2000 Guitars That Rule the World Vol 2 - Smell the Fuzz - The Superstar Guitar Album Metal Blade

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