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Hellenic Studies (also Greek Studies) is an interdisciplinary scholarly field that focuses on the study of Greek culture, ancient, Medieval and modern, including Hellenic diaspora communities around the world. It is related to such academic disciplines as Modern Greek Studies, Byzantine Studies, Classical Studies, Classical Languages and Literature, History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Philosophy.

The School of Athens, 1511–12, in the Stanza della Segnatura.


The Hellenic tradition places value on education and scholarly achievement. Significant milestones throughout human history directly correlate with the study of Hellenism and Hellenic ideals. The Renaissance was one such movement that recognized Hellenism and celebrated its ideals and efforts. Philhellenes have always played a role in the support and protection of Hellenic Studies. At the same time Misograecism (Anti-Hellenic) has obstructed efforts for a greater network of Hellenic Studies institutions.


Brown University[edit]

Department Of Classics [1] Sponsoring Dept.: Committee of Modern Greek Studies Established: language instruction in 1972; instruction in Modern Greek literature and history in1995 Director: David Konstan (Classics) Exec. Committee: Constantine Dafernos (Mathematics), Georgia Gotsi (Comparative Literature), Elsa Amanatidou (Classics, Modern Greek)

Columbia University[edit]

Program in Hellenic Studies at Columbia


NYU A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies The Program in Hellenic Studies provides students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the language, literature, history, and politics of post-classical Greece. Through a wide range of courses, students are exposed to a polyphony of viewpoints which help them understand the historical and political experiences of Byzantine, Ottoman and modern Greece; the ways in which Greece has borne its several pasts and translated them into the modern era; and the distinguished literary and artistic traditions of a country that many regard as the birthplace of Western civilization. One of the leading centers in the United States for the study of Hellenism, the Onassis Program includes a diverse faculty drawn from a variety of disciplines. The Program also sponsors numerous cultural and intellectual activities. The University's Bobst Library is home to two special endowed collections of Hellenic Studies: the Papamarkou Library of Byzantine and Medieval Greek Books, and the Vardinoyannis Library of Hellenic Civilization's. Also, NYU in Athens gives students the opportunity to study in Greece during the summer.

Princeton University[edit]

Program in Hellenic Studies is a well established and respected program at Princeton. Sponsoring Dept.: Program in Hellenic Studies Established: 1979 Director: Peter Brown, Professor of History Executive Director: Dimitri Gondicas, Lecturer in Modern Greek Level: Undergraduate Certificate in Hellenic Studies; Ph.D. in Classical and Hellenic Studies

Simon Fraser University[edit]

Hellenic Studies Simon Fraser University

Yale University[edit]

Hellenic Studies Program Established in July 2001 with the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and from 2007 onwards funded by the Stavros Niarchos Center for Hellenic Studies at Yale, the Program organizes lectures, symposia, conferences and supports faculty and student scholarly activities, as well as cultural events. The Program of Hellenic Studies offers a comprehensive program of instruction in the modern Greek language at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and cooperates closely with the Center for Language Study at Yale University for the development of technology-based teaching aids for the acquisition and mastering of modern Greek and the enrichment of other Hellenic oriented courses. In addition, the Program offers a variety of courses in modern Greek literature and culture as well as in Ottoman and modern Greek history providing students with the opportunity to study post-classical Greece in a broad geographical, historical, and comparative context. The Program also fosters courses in other departments, including Byzantine history and Byzantine history of art.

York University[edit]

Hellenic Studies Program Under the leadership of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and with the generous support of the Greek Community of Toronto (GCT) and several other community organizations and individuals, these efforts culminated in the official establishment of the HHF Chair and the Program at York University on January 28, 2000 with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement. The current holder of the HHF Chair is Dr. Athanasios (Sakis) Gekas. He came to York from the University of Manchester and he has been appointed as a tenure-stream Assistant Professor and holder of the HHF Chair in Modern Greek History, effective July 1, 2009. Dr. Sakis Gekas is also a member of the HCAAO and he is currently serving on the HCAAO Executive Council.

University of Florida[edit]

Center for Greek Studies The mission of the Center for Greek Studies is to bring together under one aegis the various UF courses and programs that deal with Greece past and present, to promote the values of Greek civilization around the state, and to assist citizens of Gainesville and Florida in their interactions with Greece. It maintains study of Modern Greek language until state accounts can support the instruction.

Sponsoring Department: Classics Established: 1980 Directors: Karelisa Hartigan, Professor of Classics & Drama; Leonidas Polopolus, Professor of Food Resources Level: B.A. in Classics, with concentration in Greek Studies; Minor in Greek Studies

University of Indianapolis[edit]

Office of Hellenic Studies Study Abroad Program is offered in conjunction.

University of Missouri-St. Louis[edit]

Greek Studies Hellenism and Hellenic culture have had a profound impact on our civilization in a wide range of fields: from art, society, politics, and economy, to philosophy, law, medicine, and science. The Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Professorship in Greek Studies is one of the first Chairs of Greek Studies to be established in the United States. Its mission is to focus, develop, and sustain research, teaching, and public education on Hellenism, with particular emphasis on the impact of ancient, medieval, and modern Hellenic civilization on contemporary society. At a time when research and education in the Humanities are facing extinction, the Professorship aims at preserving and promoting the humanistic values of Greek civilization.

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