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Hellerup Church.
Tuborg Harbour.
The Rotunda in Hellerup,

Hellerup (Danish pronunciation: [ˈhɛlˀəʀob̥]) is a Danish town of Region Hovedstaden, located in the Gentofte Municipality in Denmark. It is bordered to the east by the sound Øresund and to the South by Copenhagen and counted among the most wealthy areas in Denmark.

It was Counselor Johan David Heller who came to put his name on the area when in 1748 he bought the farm like Lokkerup and rechristened it Hellerup Farm and parceled it out into 38 hectares. Today only Øregård remains similar to the original farms, but several of their names live on in street names.


Hellerup is a suburb of Metropolitan Copenhagen situated in the north of Copenhagen the Danish capital.


Noteworthy and critically acclaimed actress Stine Fischer Christensen, star of such films as After the Wedding, 'Cracks in the Shell' and 'Culling Hens' was born here in 1985


Unlike other towns in the Gentofte Municipality, such as Gentofte, Ordrup, and Jægersborg Hellerup is not marked by old urbanization, but rather by fairly recent construction from the latter half of the 1800s. Prior to that time it was largely composed of farms and grazing land, similar to other towns on Zealand, such as Øregård.

Present day[edit]

Notable sites in Hellerup include "Store og Lille Tuborg", which later lent the name to the Tuborg breweries that opened on the site and operated until the merger of the companies brewing operations with Carlsberg. As of 1996, it has been a residential area with numerous apartments overlooking the harbour. The site is also home to the headquarters of several Danish and international companies, among them Saxo Bank.

Hellerup is home to the science center Experimentarium. In October 2009, Crown Princess Mary visited Experimentarium to open an exhibition on the human brain.

The coast road, Strandvejen, runs through the main thoroughfare of the town and is home to numerous shops and boutiques. Other features of Strandvejen are the beach at Charlottenlund Strandpark and Charlottenlund Slot. Hellerup also has two churches, one built in 1900 and the other in 1959.

The ASA Film studio, founded in 1936, was based in Hellerup and produced some of the most notable films in Denmark.

Øregård Gymnasium was founded in 1903 as Plock Ross School. In 1919 Gentofte municipality took over the school, which was renamed Øregård Gymnasium. In 1924, the school moved into a new main building designed by architects GB Hagen and Edward Thomsen.[1]

Foreign relations[edit]

Danish-Bhutanese Friendship Association.[2]

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