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For other uses, see Hell Hole (disambiguation).
Format Horror, Dark comedy
Created by Efram Potelle
Kyle Rankin
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 4
Running time approx 4 minutes
Original channel Atom Films (web)
Original airing December 4, 2006

Hellholes is an original Web Dark Comedy/Horror from Atom Film Studios about a man who discovers his trailer home is a portal into another dimension. Since its debut in late 2006, the series has quite successfully been streamed on the Atom Films website, where it has already received over 800,000 viewings. This is compared to other very successful web-based movies, such as the award-winning Pink Five series, whose viewing figures are well over 3 million.


  • Episode 1 (released December 24, 2006)

With no job, no money and no place to stay, Guy thinks he's in luck when he finds a trailer for sale at only one mere dollar. But he fails to question why it might be so cheap.

  • Episode 2 (released January 9, 2007)

Guy gathers a few more clues about how he landed in this hellish predicament and receives a glimmer of hope when a mysterious friend comes calling.

  • Episode 3 (released February 1, 2007)

Guys' new friend Professor Klum (Ray Wise)[1] explains a few things about hell; and the duo will try to escape this cursed realm together. But there will be obstacles along the way. Is Guy up to the challenge? Can Professor Klum escape the demons of his past (and present)?

  • Episode 4 (released March 4, 2007)

The hilariously hellish saga concludes when Guy, the Professor and that really cute chick who works at the deli take on that freaky devil girl... IN HELL!