Helliar Holm

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Helliar Holm
Saeva Ness lighthouse at the southern end of Helliar Holm
Saeva Ness lighthouse at the southern end of Helliar Holm
Helliar Holm is located in Orkney Islands
Helliar Holm
Helliar Holm
Helliar Holm shown within Orkney
OS grid reference HY484153
Population 0
Island group Orkney
Local Authority Orkney Islands
Flag of Scotland.svg Lymphad3.svg
Saeva Ness lighthouse on the tip of Helliar Holm
Cliffs and chambered cairn on Helliar Holm.

Helliar Holm is an uninhabited island off the coast of Shapinsay in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It is home to a 42-foot-tall (13 m) lighthouse, which was built in 1893 and automated in 1967.[1] It is a tidal island that used to be connected to Shapinsay. It is still possible to walk across from the mainland during very low tides.

The island also has the ruins of a broch, cairn and chapel.[2]

In the Orkneyinga Saga it is referred to as both "Hellisey" and "Eller Holm" [3] and John of Fordun refers to it as "Helene-holm"


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Coordinates: 59°01′23″N 02°54′05″W / 59.02306°N 2.90139°W / 59.02306; -2.90139