Hello Brother (1994 film)

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Hello Brother
Directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana
Produced by S. Gopal Reddy
K.L. Narayana
Written by E.V.V. Satyanarayana
Starring Akkineni Nagarjuna
Ramya Krishna
Music by Raj-Koti
Distributed by Sri Durga Arts
Release date(s) April 20, 1994
Language Telugu

Hello Brother is a Telugu blockbuster comedy film which stars Akkineni Nagarjuna, Soundarya and Ramya Krishna. E.V.V. Satyanarayana directed this film. Nagarjuna plays a dual role. This film has shades of Hong Kong action comedy Twin Dragons (starring Jackie Chan), and was later remade in Kannada as Cheluva with V. Ravichandran and Hindi as Judwaa with Salman Khan. Dialogues of the film are written by witty L.B. Sriram. Music was given by Raj-Koti.


Charan Raj is a dacoit and Sarath Babu, SP arrests him. Charanraj wounds himself and is taken to hospital for cure, where he sees Sarath babu waiting for his wife (Sangeetha) to give birth to his child. Charanraj escapes and takes one of the twins with him, hurting Sangeetha. Sarathbabu goes behind him but he could not find the child but shoots Charanraj. The child was taken by a lady who works as a daily labour with her husband. They have a daughter and one day in an accident at construction place were killed. The two children become orphans and they grew up but the brother Deva (Nagarjuna) with his friend (Brahmanandam) become thieves for earning. On the other hand, Sangeetha goes into coma and Sarathbabu takes her to America for cure, where other twin Vikram (also Nagarjuna) is brought up. He returns India as a rock start to give performances here. He is received by Giribabu (Sarathbabu's friend) who wishes to give his daughter Manga (Ramya Krishna to him. But Ramya is in love with Deva. In the airport he sees Soundarya (daughter of Annapurna who is organizing his public performances) and falls in love with her. Srihari who is Annapurna's brother also wishes to marry Soundarya.Meanwhile at home Ramya advances with him thinking he is Deva only.

One day in a restaurant they see each other and find that they are identical. Meanwhile Deva's sister sees Napoleon (local goon) killing an Inspector on the road and provides evidence in the court. Enraged Napoleon teases her and Deva fights with him. Days pass and Deva's sister is admitted into hospital for delivery. Deva asks Vikram to stay at hospital as he is going in search of money. Vikram with his father comes to hospital where the goons sent by the villain come to kidnap Deva's sister. Napoleon recognizes Sarathbabu that he who killed is father (charanraj) and also knows that Deva is his son. He takes his sister and blackmails him to get Sarathbabu to release his siter. Deva who doesn't know that Sarathbabu is his father goes to his house where he comes to the truth from Vikram. The duo now take revenge on the villain and gets their sister for treatment. The story ends with the duo marrying their respective ladies.



The movie was largely appreciated and was highly successful at Box-office. The comedy from the film by Kota Srinivasarao and Brahmanandam was popular. Nagarjuna proved, with this film, that he can do comedy roles.


Year Film Cast Director Notes
1997 Judwaa Salman Khan David Dhawan
1997 Cheluva V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran


The film has six songs composed by Raj-Koti. The soundtrack was also a blockbuster.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Ekkandayya Baabu"   Vennelakanti SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 5:06
2. "Manasichhi Icchi"   Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 5:10
3. "Abba Em Dhebba"   Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 4:50
4. "Shukkesi Pakkesi"   Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 4:27
5. "Kanne Pettaro"   Bhuvanachandra SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 4:40
6. "Priya Ragaaley"   Bhuvanachandra SP Balu, K. S. Chitra 6:06


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