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"Hello, nurse!" was a popular catcall used during the heyday of vaudeville. One of many running gags used in many vaudeville shows was the appearance of a voluptuous, suggestively-dressed woman wearing a nurse's uniform. Upon her appearance, the main characters in the vaudeville sketch would call out, "Hello, nurse!" This phrase is also the basis for the wolf whistle used in the United States and other countries to suggest that a pretty girl has entered the room.

Contemporary usage[edit]

  • In the animation Animaniacs, the catcall is a favorite catchphrase of The Warner Brothers and sometimes their sister Dot. A minor character, Hello Nurse, is not only a frequent target of the call, but also named after it.
  • The Xbox 360 game Vanquish includes an achievement "Helloooo nurse!", awarded to players for reviving 10 marines throughout the course of the game.
  • In the PS3/360 indy fighting game Skullgirls the classic cartoon-based fighter Peacock says this as a custom opening line when battling sexy nurse-based fighter Valentine.

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