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Hello Work (ハローワーク harōwāku?) is the Japanese English name for the Japanese government's Employment Service Center, which manages unemployment insurance benefits for both Japanese and foreign unemployed workers, and which also provides job-matching programs to the unemployed.


For foreigners[edit]

Hello Work recommends that foreign residents in Japan improve their Japanese language skills, and as a way to do this it suggests Japanese classes. Tokyo Hello Work suggests the "Tokyo Nihongo Volunteer Network", founded in 1993, which offers free Japanese lessons.[1] Almost-free Japanese classes are also offered by many Japanese "International Society" NPOs funded by local governments throughout Japan.[2]

Not all offices offer services in languages other than Japanese. Those that do only offer them during limited hours and in limited languages. Usually English and Mandarin Chinese services are available, and some offices offer services in Spanish, Portuguese, or other languages.[3] There are a number of centers that specialize in support for foreigners:

  • Shinjuku Foreigners' Employment Assistance and Guidance Center
  • Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners
  • Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners


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