Hellraiser (The Beatnuts song)

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"Hellraiser (Remix)"
Single by The Beatnuts
B-side "Fried Chicken"
Released 1994
Format 12-inch single, Vinyl
Genre East Coast hip hop
Length 3:40
Label Relativity Records
Producer(s) The Beatnuts
The Beatnuts singles chronology
"Hit Me with That"
"Hellraiser (Remix)"
"Out for the Cash"

"Hellraiser (Remix)" is a 1994 single by East Coast hip hop group The Beatnuts. It was released by Relativity Records as a single with "Fried Chicken" as its b-side. The song "Hellraiser" is found on The Beatnuts' first full-length album Street Level, but the remix was only released as a single. The remix is produced by The Beatnuts and features raps by Juju, Psycho Les and Fashion. Its lyrics are mainly about violent braggadocios threats. It contains a slow and instrumental that matches the nature of its lyrics. "Hellraiser (Remix)" failed to chart and is one of the rarer Beatnuts singles.

Single track list[edit]


  1. "Hellraiser (Remix) (Dirty)"
  2. "Hellraiser (Remix) (Radio)"
  3. "Hellraiser (Remix) (Instrumental)"


  1. "Fried Chicken (Dirty)"
  2. "Fried Chicken (Radio)"
  3. "Fried Chicken (Instrumental)"