Helmut Fritz

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Helmut Fritz
Helmut Fritz.jpg
Background information
Birth name Éric Greff
Born 1975
Origin Moselle, France
Genres Electronic
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2008–present
Labels Sony Music Entertainment
Associated acts Discobitch

Helmut Fritz is the stage name of French singer Éric Greff,[1] who was born in 1975 in Forbach, France and who grew up in Béning-lès-Saint-Avold in the Moselle département. Greff is known for his 2009 single "Ça m'énerve" ("It Bugs Me"), in which he portrays a German dandy living in Paris. The single, produced by Laurent Konrad, was released on March 2009 and rapidly reached number one in France.[2]

To reinforce his identification with the song "Ça m'énerve", Eric Greff wrote a fictional biography for Helmut Fritz.

Fictional Biography of Helmut Fritz Character[edit]

Nuvola apps important.svg This biography is imaginary, it describes Helmut Fritz character's life, not Éric Greff's

Helmut Günter von Fritz was born in Reinbek, Germany, the only child of Rudy von Fritz and Annegret Spiegeln, who ran a small factory manufacturing knitted sweaters which earned them a modest but happy living.

In 1998, Helmut's great grand-uncle, Baron Titten von Fritz, died gored and trampled by wild boar while game hunting. Helmut became the only heir to a 300-million Deutsche mark fortune. Rich but stingy, he bought a second-hand Vespa, gave his parents some money, and left Germany.

He settled in Paris and began leading the high life with his newly acquired fortune. However, his lifestyle weighed more and more heavily on him.

Suffering from profound boredom, Helmut broke down: parties, gallery openings, haute couture, etc. were all getting on his nerves. Wishing to share his woes with someone, he met DJ Laurent Konrad, who suggested writing a song about his experiences.



His first album En Observation was released on 22 June 2009, available digitally since 15 June.

  • En Observation – #32 in France, #63 in Belgium (Wallonia), #92 in Switzerland


  • "Ça m'énerve" – #1 in France, #21 in Belgium (Flanders), #3 in Belgium (Wallonia), #8 in Switzerland[3]
  • "Miss France" – #7 in France, #15 in Belgium (Wallonia), #55 in Switzerland
  • "Ça Gère" – #14 in France[4]


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