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A step in a tour showing new users how to edit for the first time

Guided tours are interactive tours of a part of Wikipedia. Guided tours are meant to complement help pages, by showing users directly how to do something in a step-by-step way. This is a new software feature, so please be patient if you encounter bugs or other SNAFUs.

If you want to see what this feature looks like, you can try a simple test tour. For more information, see also the documentation.

If you'd like to create a tour, see the write an on-wiki tour instructions. You'll need to be an administrator or get help from one, as the code for on-wiki tours (as opposed to the built-in test and GettingStarted tours) lives in the MediaWiki namespace.

The tours in the GettingStarted extension assist users with making edits related to a task (such as a copy-editing fix).

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