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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Maltese language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Maltese phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Maltese.

IPA Example English approximation
b ballun boy
d dar duck
d͡z gazzetta pads
d͡ʒ ġelat jail
f fwieħa four
ɡ gallettina game
ħ ħadem somewhat like hat; Arabic ḥāʾ (ح)
j jum yes
k kelb scar
l libsa look
m mara mole
n nadif no
p paġna spat
r re trilled r
s saqaf sow
ʃ xadina shell
t tieqa stake
t͡s zokk sits
t͡ʃ ċavetta chew
v vaska vet
w warda wall
z żaqq zoo
ʔ Luqa RP button; Hebrew aleph (א)
IPA Example English approximation
a abjad father
ɛ envelopp met
i ikel need
ɪː wied like bid, but always long
ɔ ors core
u uviera pool
IPA Example Explanation
◌ˤ pharyngealised vowel
◌ː long vowel or geminate consonant; all vowels—except [ɪː] that is always long—occur both long and short; consonants occur both long and short word-medially and word-finally
. syllable break
ˈ stress


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