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Navigating Wikipedia

The different types of pages

Searching and redirects
Tricks to find what you want

Useful pages
Handy pages for editors

Review of what you've learned


There are a few pages on Wikipedia that are really handy for editors to know about:

  • Help:Contents is the entry point for Wikipedia's help pages. (Also linked in the left-hand sidebar, as "Help".)
  • You can ask questions about using or editing Wikipedia at either the Help desk (shortcut WP:HD) or the Teahouse (shortcut WP:TH).
  • The Community portal (shortcut WP:CP) has information about where you can help out, and projects you can join. (Also found in the left-hand sidebar.)
  • The Village pump (shortcut WP:VP) is Wikipedia's central discussion forum, divided into five sub-forums: Policy, technical, proposals, idea lab and miscellaneous.
  • The Signpost (shortcut WP:POST) is Wikipedia's weekly community-written newspaper – a good way to keep up with goings-on in the community.

If you have an account and are logged in, you'll also see some useful links in the top right of your screen:

  • Your username takes you to your userpage, where you can add information about yourself.
  • "Talk" is your user talk page, where people can leave messages for you.
  • "Preferences" allows you to customize various settings of the wiki software, as well as change your password and email settings.
  • "Watchlist" lets you see recent changes to pages you are watching. You can watch a page by clicking the star tab at the top right of it.
  • "Contributions" has a list of all the edits you have made.
  • "Log out" lets you log out of your account.