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Hemant Chauhan is a Gujarati writer and singer. He specializes in Bhajan, religious and Garba songs and other folk genres.[1] He received 'Akademi Ratna Award 2011' for his contribution to traditional folk music of Gujarat on 9 October 2012. He is frequently referred to as the Bhajan King of Gujarati Music, and is also considered to be one of the best singers of Sugam Sangeet. He has a huge fan base and following all over the world including India (mainly in Gujarat), United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and East Africa. His fan base outside of India is made up of people of Gujarati Heritage.It is believed that his performances of bhajans and devotional music have the ability to carry the listener into a tranquil, relaxed and serene world. He has a charismatic personality that enthrals his listeners with his effortless voice and charm. With an extensive catalogue of hit songs and bhajans, his “Kathiya Wadi Lok Dayra and Bhajan Sandhya” concert tour in North America in early 2007 was a huge hit. Hemant Chauhan is thus revered as a legend in India and has released many albums of devotional music.

Selected works[edit]

  • Pankhida O Pankhida
  • Om Namah Shivay-shiv Dhun
  • Om Sai Mangalam
  • Shriman Narayana
  • Laher Lagi Bhajan Ni
  • dham Dham Nagara Re...
  • Live In Leicester- Tu Rangai Jane Rang Ma
  • chotile Dakla Vagya
  • bhajan-krishna-devotional
  • Shiv Tandav
  • he Jagjanani He Jagdamba Hd Version
  • Hemant Chauhan- Tare Rahevu Bhada Na Makan Ma...
  • Shrinathaji and bhajan
  • Pankhida Ne Aa Pinjaru
  • Unchi Medi te mara sant ni re


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