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Hemayel Michael Anthony Martina (24 October 1990 – 29 January 2011) was a Curaçaon young poet. While studying at the International School of Curaçao, the young 17-years-old Hemayel Martina started writing poems addressed to the young and that culminated in 2010 into a book with a collection of 39 interrogative poems entitled Ansestro Preokupá Sosegá. With an alternative English language title Worried Ancestor: Rest in Peace, the poems tackled subjects varying from politics to music to sports, and were about various personalities with important contributions to Curaçao.[1]

After residing for a while in Leiden, Netherlands, and continuing his university education at Webster University in Leiden,[2] he had joined his mother last year in the newly created country Curaçao. Touring with musician and friend Levi Silvanie. They performed at various venues combining poetry with Silvanie's music.[3] They both organized a night of poetry and music on local television.[4] He also toured South Africa in December 2010.[5]

On 29 January 2011 after touring on Curaçao he died as a result of heavy injuries suffered in a car accident. He was buried in Curaçao.[6]


  • 2010: Ansestro Preokupá, Sosegá


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