Hemei, Changhua

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Coordinates: 24°07′N 120°30′E / 24.117°N 120.500°E / 24.117; 120.500

Hemei Township in Changhua County
Hemei Township

Hemei Township (Chinese: 和美鎮; pinyin: Héměi Zhèn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hô-bí-tìn) is an urban township in northwestern Changhua County, Taiwan.[1] It is bordered by the Dadu River to the north, Shengang and Siansi to the west, Lugang and Sioushuei to the south, and Changhua City to the east.


Administrative divisions[edit]

Zhuying Village, Hetung Village, Henan Village, Hebei Village, Hexi Village, Sizhang Village, Touqian Village, Mianqian Village, Zengping Village, Daxia Village, Yuanbei Village, Nandian Village, Yagou Village, Shanli Village, Renai Village, Jiali Village, Zhaoan Village, Tieshan Village, Ganjing Village, Zhuyuan Village, Xinzhuang Village, Licheng Village, Zhongliao Village, Zhongwei Village, Tangyou Village, Haishe Village, Tucuo Village, Detan Village, Hunei Village, Jiabao Village, Yuemei Village, Haoxiu Village.[2]

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