Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner

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Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner
Henderson's Boys The Prisoner jacket art.jpg
Author Robert Muchamore
Language English
Series Henderson's Boys
Genre Children's, Thriller, Spy novel
Publisher Hodder children's books
Media type Print (Paperback)
Preceded by Henderson's Boys: Grey Wolves
Followed by Henderson's Boys: One Shot Kill

Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner is the fifth book in the Henderson's Boys book series by English author Robert Muchamore. It expressly follows the escape of Marc Kilgour, a British spy working for the organisation CHERUB during the Second World War who was moved to a German labour team in Frankfurt in the previous book.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Marc Kilgour is a fourteen-year-old Nazi prisoner of war, who is also a British spy working for the secret organisation CHERUB. Held in Frankfurt with a job filing prisoner records, he attempts to escape with two other boys by forging prisoner transfer documents and escaping from the transfer train. However the guard at the station recognises Marc and has him sent back to his boss, Commandant Vogel while the two boys Marc was escaping with continue on. Vogel assumes the transfer was a paperwork error and has him back working his filing job. However, when he arrives back at his dormitory, a gang of bullies find that he is no longer protected by the two boys he was attempting to escape with, and they get into a fight where Marc is eventually knocked unconscious.

When Marc regains consciousness, Commandant Vogel has been replaced by a new commandant who works out that he tried to escape and he is reassigned as a sewage system cleaner. When he sees a chance to escape, Marc bolts but is forced to kill several German guards in the process and a search is put out for him. He hides out in the office where he originally worked for a few days where he forges paperwork for himself. He uses it to take a train from Frankfurt to Mainz, to Saarbrücken and then on to Paris.

After hiding out for a few days, Marc is picked up for discrepancies in his paperwork. He admits to actually being Marc Kilgour who previously went to an orphanage Beauvais The policeman does not realise he had escaped from prison and he is sent back to the orphanage. When he arrives he is pleased to find that the cruel Director Tomas has been replaced by a group of nuns. He is sent back to work for Farmer Morel and gets into a serious relationship with his daughter Jae.

Two months pass, and Marc gets used to life at the orphanage. However, when Marc finds two Canadian soldiers who landed at the unsuccessful landings at Dieppe and they help him get back in contact with the resistance group that Charles Henderson set up the previous year, which is being run by Maxine Clere. The resistance group decides to sabotage a German military airbase which has a radar system that has been causing heavy casualties to the British bombers because sophisticated German radar sets have been making their planes easy to find. They also plan to steal a plane and fly it back to give scientists in Britain a functioning radar set in the hope that they can jam the radar signals. A pilot is parachuted in and the raid goes according to plan, but one of the soldiers is killed. They reach England and Marc is reunited with his old friends at CHERUB, however he is still sad about Jae.


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