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For the New York City Ballet balletmaster, see Susan Hendl. For the American conductor, see Walter Hendl.
A roast chicken or Hendl.

Hendl is the Austro-Bavarian word for chicken prepared as food, most commonly in its roasted form (Brathendl). Another popular form is the fried Backhendl (French: poulet frit à la viennoise) version, a speciality of the Viennese cuisine. The Standard German term is Hähnchen ("cockerel"). In the new states of Germany it is often called Broiler.

Hendln are traditionally served in Bavarian beer gardens or at festivals such as Oktoberfest, and are generally eaten with a Brezen and/or a Maß of beer. They are also widely available from mobile rotisserie trucks that park near well-frequented locations such as supermarkets or large parking lots.

Paprika Hendl (paparika chicken) is mentioned in Bram Stoker's Dracula, as a dish enjoyed by J. Harker who wishes to get the recipe for his wife-to-be, Mina. [1]

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