Hendrick Goudt

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Hendrick Goudt
Hendrick Goudt - Jupiter en Hermes bij Philemon en Baucis.jpg
Philemon and his wife Baucis hospitably entertain Jupiter and Mercury in travellers' guise.
Born Hendrick Goudt
ca. 1583
Died 1648 (aged 64–65)
Nationality Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Hendrick Goudt (c. 1583 – 18 December 1648)[1] was a Dutch Golden Age painter of landscapes and religious subjects who was strongly influenced by Adam Elsheimer.


Goudt was born in Utrecht. According to Houbraken, he was in Rome at the same time as Adam Elsheimer and the two struck up a lasting friendship.[2] Upon his return in the Netherlands, he made a series of prints of Elsheimer's work (popularizing, for example, Flight into Egypt), and also painted several copies of Elsheimer's paintings. Houbraken wrote that he was given an aphrodisiac in 1624 by a young lady who wished to marry him, and this addled his brain to the point that until his death he could only discuss art topics coherently.

He was in Rome in the years (1608–1610) and spent the rest of his life in Utrecht, where he died.[1]


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