Hendrik van Minderhout

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Hendrik van Minderhout, The Battle of Lowestoft, c. 1665.

Hendrik van Minderhout (1632 – 22 July 1696) was a Dutch-born painter of seascapes who was primarily active in the Southern Netherlands cities of Bruges and Antwerp.

Minderhout was born in Rotterdam. He arrived in Bruges in 1652, and in 1663 he joined the city's Guild of St. Luke. Subsequently, from 1672 until his death in 1696 Minderhout lived in Antwerp. His paintings, which are mostly large views of seas and harbours, often depict fantastic foreign places with classical ornamentation, with one such painting being the one submitted for admittance in Antwerp's guild the year he arrived there. His later work is comparable to the Dutch seascape painter Willem van de Velde the Younger. He died in Antwerp.