Henny Skjønberg

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Henny Skjønberg in 1967

Henny Skjønberg (6 August 1886 – 5 January 1973) was a Norwegian actress and stage director.

Skjønberg was born in Stavanger. She was mainly employed at Det Norske Teatret in Oslo where with humour and irony she would specialize herself as a character comedian. She also acted in movies from 1920 to 1967. Skjønberg's most famous role came as the cranky old aunt, Tante Pose in the 1940-movie of the same name. For years it has been a staple of Christmas-entertainment, being shown on Norwegian television every December.

Skjønberg also wrote several stage-comedies for children performed at Det Norske Teatret, and was an active instructor, mainly for children's-plays.

She was married to actor Eugen Skjønberg (1889-1971), and is the mother of leading Norwegian actors Pål and Espen Skjønberg.

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