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Henri Pensis (3 November 1900 – 1 June 1958), was a Luxembourgish conductor, composer and violinist.

Pensis was born on in the Pfaffenthal quarter of Luxembourg City. In 1933, he founded and became the first conductor of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. He moved to the United States in 1940, conducting the New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. He conducted at least three concerts in Carnegie Hall.


  • Soir d'été (poème symphonique)
  • Fugue classique
  • Verschidde Wierker leien nach an den Tiräng, sinn zum Deel nach Manuskripter
  • Suite pour orchestre
  • Scène de danse pour orchestre
  • Nockes an Nackes (comédie musicale)
  • Hymne solennel
  • Fantaisie de Noël

Popular Songs[edit]

  • Fir d'Fräiheet
  • Op der Juegd
  • D'Fréijoerslidd


Excerpted and translated from Wikipedia in Luxembourgish.