Henri Perrot

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Henri Perrot
Born (1883-08-21)21 August 1883
Paris, France
Died 1961
Monte Carlo
Nationality French
Occupation Engineer
Known for Automobile brakes

Henri Perrot, born on 21 August 1883 (died in 1961) in Paris, was a French engineer who was one of the pioneers of the automobile industry from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He holds numerous patents in the field of automotive drum/shoe braking.

Drum brakes[edit]

In 1924, after meeting at a European auto show, Vincent Bendix acquired the license to manufacture Perrot's shoe-brake patents.[1]


After World War I Henri Rougier reworked a limited quantity of his 1913/14 Turcat-Méry chassis which included adding 4 wheel brakes using Henri Perrot's latest drum/shoe brake design.[1]


He died in 1961 in Monte Carlo.

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