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Henri François Pittier de Fabrega (August 13 1857, Bex, Switzerland - January 27 1950, Caracas, Venezuela) was a Swiss-born geographer and botanist. He graduated as an engineer from Jena University and moved to Costa Rica in 1887,[1] where he founded the Physical Geographic Institute and an herbarium. Pittier arrived in Venezuela in 1917, where he classified more than 30,000 plants and devoted many years to studying the flora and fauna in the country.

Henri Pittier National Park is the first national park established in Venezuela.[2] The plant genera Pittiera (now considered a synonym of Polyclathra), Pittierella (now considered a synonym of Cryptocentrum) and Pittierothamnus (now considered a synonym of Amphidasya) are named after him.[1]


  • Genera Plantarum Venezuelensium, 1939


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