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Anglia Scotia et Hibernia, Map in Mercator-Hondius-Atlas from 1623

Henricus Hondius II or Hendrik Hondius the Younger (1597 – 16 August 1651) was a Dutch engraver, cartographer and publisher.

He was born in Amsterdam, the son of the famous cartographer Jodocus Hondius who had started a map-making business in the city. Hondius got a set Mercator 1569 world map. He published a 1606 version of it. His father died in 1612 and he co-ran the business with his brother-in-law.[1] In 1621 opened his own company in his hometown. The first time his name was mentioned in an atlas was in 1623. when he published the fifth edition of the Mercator-Hondius atlas. Round 1628 Jan Janssonius came in. Together they continued the business. After 1646 we can't find the name of Henricus anymore. He died in Amsterdam.

He came from a different family from Henrik Hondius I; there were two families engaged in very similar activities at the same time.

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