Henrik Sjöbring

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Henrik Sjöbring.

Per Henrik Nils Sjöbring, born July 9, 1879 in Aringsås, Sweden, dead February 19, 1956, was a Swedish physician and professor of psychiatry.[1]

Sjöbring received his doctorate in 1913 at Uppsala University and was a professor of psychiatry at the University of Lund 1930-1944. He has become best known for his variables for description of personality types. His so-called constitution factors (known as Sjöbring's theory of constitution) are called:

  1. capacity (intelligence)
  2. validity (psychic energy)
  3. stability (balance in keynote)
  4. solidity (firmness, tardiness, tenacity)

By means of these variables, all people can be categorized as either normal, super- or sub-; for instance subcapable (unintelligent), subvalid (lack of psychic energy), normosolid, superstable, and so on.


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