Henry B. Harris

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Henry B. Harris
Born Henry Birkhardt Harris
(1866-12-01)December 1, 1866
St. Louis, Missouri
Died April 15, 1912(1912-04-15) (aged 45)
North Atlantic, RMS Titanic
Occupation theatrical producer
Years active 1901-1912
Spouse(s) Rene Harris (born Irene Wallach) m.1898-1912 (his death)
Parent(s) William Harris, Sr.

Henry B. Harris (December 1, 1866 – April 15, 1912); Henry Birkhardt Harris, born in St. Louis, was a Broadway producer and theatre owner who died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic. His wife was actress Rene Harris (born Irene Wallach) married 1898, who was injured in a fall on the Grand Staircase of the Titanic, but survived the sinking and lived until 1969.

Harris was the son of William Harris Sr., a founder of the Theatrical Syndicate in the 1890s. He had a brother William Harris Jr. Harris worked for his father in the theatrical business in Boston for a number of years before starting out on his own producing plays in 1901. He managed such stars as Amelia Bingham and Robert Edeson. He leased and managed the Hudson Theatre in New York and in 1911 built the Folies Bergere Theatre.[1][2][3]

Harris perished along with over 1500 other souls in the Titanic's sinking, April 15 1912. His body was lost at sea. If it was recovered and brought to Halifax by one of the cable ships sent out to look for bodies, it was never identified as such.

Selected plays produced by Henry B. Harris[edit]

  • Soldiers of Fortune (1901)
  • Strongheart (1905)
  • The Lion and the Mouse (1905)
  • The Chorus Lady (1906) (*made star of Rose Stahl)
  • The Struggle Everlasting (1907)
  • The Traveling Salesman (1908)
  • Pierre of the Plains (1908)
  • The Third Degree (1909) (*made star of Helen Ware)
  • Such a Little Queen (1909)(*made star of Elsie Ferguson)
  • The Arab (1911)


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