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Henry Beveridge
Born 9 February 1837
Died 8 November 1929
London, England
Occupation Orientalists
Spouse(s) Annette Akroyd
Children William Beveridge

Henry Beveridge (9 February 1837 – 8 November 1929) was an Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer and Orientalist in British India. His son William Beveridge was a noted British economist.

He married Annette Akroyd, daughter of William Akroyd. The couple has two children a daughter, Annette Jeanie Beveridge (d. 1956) and son William Beveridge 1st (1879–1963) was a noted British economist and social reformer, and first and last Baron Beveridge.[1]

He lived at Pitfold, Shottermill, Surrey, England and died in 1929.[1]


  • Life and Manners in Bengal
  • Christianity in India
  • Were Sundarbans Inhabited in Ancient Times?
  • Timur’s Apocryphal Memoirs
  • The Trial of Maharaja Nanda Kumar, A Narrative of a Judicial Murder (১৮৮৬) (1886)
  • District of Bakarganj: Its History and Statistics ১৮৭৬
  • Warren Hastings in Lower Bengal
  • The Story of Nuncumar and the Impeachment of Sir Elijah Impey
Translations Works
  • The Tūzuk-i-Jahangīrī Or Memoirs Of Jahāngīr, Alexander Rogers and Henry Beveridge. London, Royal Asiatic Society, 1909–1914.
  • The Akbarnama of Abu-L-Fazl, Vol. I & II, Delhi: Low Price Publications, (1902–39, Reprint 2010). ISBN 81-7536-482-3.
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  • The Akbarnama of Abu-L-Fazl, Set of 3 Volumes, Bound in 2, Delhi: Low Price Publications, (1902–39, Reprint 2010). ISBN 81-7536-481-5.
  • Translated John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religionfrom the original French into English. Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. 2008. ISBN 978-1-59856- 168-5.

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