Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg

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Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg
Güstrow Borwin-Brunnen Heinrich Borwin II Fürst zu Mecklenburg (01-2).jpg
Statue of Henry Borwin II in Güstrow
Spouse(s) Christina of Sweden
Noble family House of Mecklenburg
Father Henry Borwin I, Lord of Mecklenburg
Mother Matilda of Blieskastel
Born 1170
Died 5 December 1226(1226-12-05)
Buried Doberan Minster

Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg (1170 – 5 December 1226) was a member of the House of Mecklenburg, was a Prince of Mecklenburg from 1219 to 1226 and Lord of Rostock (1225-1226).


Borwin Henry II was a son of Henry Borwin I and Matilda of Blieskastel. He was the grandson of the Slavic prince Pribislav, the founder of the House of Mecklenburg. After he died in 1226 in Güstrow, his four sons ruled Mecklenburg jointly until 1234. They then divided Mecklenburg into the principalities of Werle, Parchim-Richenberg, Rostock and Mecklenburg.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Henry Borwin married in 1200 Christina of Sweden (died: after 20 May 1248), the daughter of King Sverker II of Sweden. They had the following children:

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Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg
Born: 1170 Died: 5 December 1226
Preceded by
Henry Borwin I
Lord of Mecklenburg
Succeeded by
John I, Nicholas I,

Henry Borwin III, and Pribislaw I