Henry F. Ludorf

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Henry F. Ludorf
Polish National Home, Hartford, CT
Born 1899
Chicago, Illinois
Died 1968
Nationality USA
Known for Architect

Henry F. Ludorf (1888–1968) was an American architect who specialized in churches and schools mostly for Polish Catholic clients in New England.

Childhood and architectural education[edit]

Ludorf was born in Chicago in 1899 and graduated from the Pratt Institute of Architecture and the Columbia University School of Architecture. He then worked for 2 years in the offices of C. C. Palmer before establishing his own firm in 1921. His offices were located at 100 Hanson Place, Hartford CT.

Architectural Practice[edit]

Although Ludorf was a prolific designer of churches and schools his most memorable building is the 1929 art deco styled Community Center of the Polish National Home, Hartford Ct. This building was described in a Hartford Courant article as a stately Art Deco cube with a stylish, comfortable and inviting interior for which Ludorf became known for Art Deco buildings in other East Coast cities.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Ludorf was chairman of the Ella Burr McManus Trust Fund and the Connecticut Commission on the Fine Arts.[2]

Works Include[edit]


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