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Sir Henry Howarth Bashford (1880–1961) was a distinguished English physician, becoming Honorary Physician to King George VI.[1][2] He was educated at Bedford Modern School and the University of London. He is now remembered as a writer, in particular of the satirical Augustus Carp, Esq., By Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man (1924), which was first published anonymously.[3] He also wrote some popular poetry.

He was recently celebrated by a blue plaque in the village of Easton Royal, his last resting place, where he was the much loved village historian and benefactor.[4]

The National Portrait Gallery has a photographic bromide print portrait of Sir Henry.[5]


  • Tommy Wideawake (1903)
  • The Manitoban: A Romance (1904)
  • The Pilgims' March (1909)
  • The corner of Harley Street: being some familiar correspondence of Peter Harding, M.D. (1911)
  • Pity the poor blind (1917)
  • Sons Of Admiralty: A Short History Of The Naval War 1914-1918 with Archibald Hurd (1919)
  • The Heroic Record of the British Navy with A. Hurd(1920)
  • Vagabonds In Périgord (1921) [[6]]
  • Half-Past Bedtime (1922)
  • Augustus Carp, Esq., By Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man (1924)
  • The Happy Ghost and Other Stories (1925)
  • Behind The Fog (1927)
  • The Harley Street Calendar (1929)
  • The Student Life And Other Essays (Intro to work by William Ostler) (1931)
  • The Man On Ben Na Garve [Short story in The Second Century Of Detective Stories Ed EC Bentley] (1938)
  • Doctors In Shirt Sleeves (Ed?) (1940)
  • Fisherman's Progress (1946)
  • Wiltshire Harvest (1953)
  • Easton Royal: A Short History[7] (1977?)
  • Lodgings For Twelve (?)
  • The Plain Girl's Tale (?)
  • Songs Out Of School (?)

Also wrote as Peter Harding