Henry II, Count of Bar

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Henri II, Count of Bar
Spouse(s) Philippa de Dreux
Noble family House of Montbéliard
Father Theobald I, Count of Bar
Mother Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine
Born 1190
Died 13 November 1239(1239-11-13)

Henry II of Bar alternately Henri II of Bar (1190–1239) was a Count of Bar who reigned from 1214 to 1239. He was son of Count Theobald I of Bar and his first wife, Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine. He died in Gaza while on Crusade.

Spouse and children[edit]

In 1219 he married Philippa de Dreux (1192–1242), the daughter of Robert II of Dreux.


  • Margaret of Bar (1220–1275), in 1240 she married Henry V of Luxembourg
  • Thiébaut II of Bar (c. 1221–1291), Succeeded Henry II as Count of Bar
  • Henry, 1249
  • Jeanne (1225–1299), first married Frédéric de Blamont who died in 1255
  • Renaud (died 1271)
  • Erard (died 1335)
  • Isabelle (died 1320)

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