Henry L. Jackson

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Henry L. Jackson
Born New York City, New York, United States
Died June 17, 1948(1948-06-17)
Aristes, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nationality  United States
Occupation Businessman
Political party
Relatives Henry D. Jackson (grandson)

Henry L. Jackson (died June 17, 1948) was an American businessman, editor and journalist and a co-founder of Esquire magazine with David A. Smart and Arnold Gingrich.[1] He was killed in the crash of United Airlines Flight 624 in 1948.[2]

His grandson is American businessman Henry Jackson.[3][4]


Jackson was an editor at Collier's Weekly in his early years.[5] After meeting David A. Smart and Arnold Gingrich, the three decided to start their own men's fashion magazine, which would include other men's lifestyle journalism. The new magazine, Esquire Magazine, was established in 1932.


In 1948, while on a flight home to New York City, the aircraft that he was on entered an emergency decent after the crew mistook an indicator light and released carbon dioxide extinguishers into the engines. The aircraft hit power lines in its emergency decent and burst into flames, killing all 43 people on board.[6]