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Henry Neil Mallon (1895–1983)[1] was Chairman of the Board, President and Director 29-, Dresser Industries (Cleveland, OH) (now Halliburton), President 31-, Dresser Manufacturing Limited (Toronto, Canada); Chairman of the Board, Director, Bryant Heater Company (Cleveland, Ohio); Factory Manager, General Manager, Director 20-29, US Can Company (Cincinnati, Ohio); 19-20 w/Continental Can Company (Chicago, Illinois); Director, Bovaud & Seyfang Manufacturing Company (Bradford, Pennsylvania), Clark Brothers Inc (Olean, New York), Day & Night Manufacturing Company (Monrovia, California), International Derrick & Equipment Company (Columbus, Ohio), Kobe, Inc (Huntington Park, California), Pacific Pumps, Inc (CA), Roots-Connersville Blower Corporation (Connersville, Indiana), Security Engineering Company (Whittier, California), Stacey Brothers, Gus Construction Company (Cincinnati, Ohio), Pharis Tire & Rubber Company (Newark, Ohio), Petrolite Corporation (St. Louis, Missouri), Magazines of Industry (New York, New York), Hydrocarbon Research Inc (New York, New York), Carthage Hydrocol Corporation (New York, New York).

He was a close friend and business partner of Prescott Bush. Mallon attended Yale University where he and Bush both became members of the Skull and Bones in 1917. George Herbert Walker Bush (S&B 1948) would later name his own son Neil Mallon Bush after the man who had given him his first job out of Yale. Mallon was also an early investor in Zapata Corporation, founded by Bush.

The Mallon family was based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and was reportedly close with the Taft family, particularly William Howard Taft.

Neil Mallon Bush is named after Henry Neil Mallon.


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