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Not to be confused with O. Henry.
Henry O
Chinese name 區亨利 (traditional)
Chinese name 区亨利 (simplified)
Pinyin Ōu Hēnglì (Mandarin)
Birth name Jiang Xiren
Ancestry Shanghai, China
Origin China
Born (1927-07-27) July 27, 1927 (age 87)
Shanghai, China
Occupation Actor

Henry O (simplified Chinese: 区亨利; traditional Chinese: 區亨利; pinyin: Ōu Hēnglì; born July 27, 1927) is a Chinese American actor. He is the father of Ji-li Jiang, the author of Red Scarf Girl.

Life and career[edit]

Raised in China (fluent in Mandarin), O was brought up in English and American missionary schools. He worked in the Children’s Art Theater as an actor and later as the deputy art director/actor for thirty years. O came to America with his wife to take care of their grandsons, but was soon asked to audition for a stage production. Since then he has worked continuously in plays, films, and television in the United States.

His most notable roles include The Last Emperor, Romeo Must Die, Shanghai Noon, Snow Falling on Cedars, Brokedown Palace, Red Corner, Marco Polo, as well as guest starring roles in The Sopranos, Evidence, West Wing, and ER. O also worked on Wayne Wang’s A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, Rush Hour 3, Premium Rush and 2012.

He also coaches actors in Mandarin.

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