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For other people named Henry Robinson, see Henry Robinson (disambiguation).
Memorial to Bishop Henry Robinson in Carlisle Cathedral. The inscription reads: Henrico Robinsono Carleolensi S. S. Theol. Doctori, collegii reginae Oxoniae praeposito providissimo, tandemq. hujus Ecclesiae per annos 18. Episcopo vigilantissimo. 13 Calend Julii, anno apartu virginis, 1616, aetat suae 64 pie in Domino obdormienti.Bernardus Robinsonus frater ac haeres hoc qualecunq. MNHMEION, amoris testimonium collocavit."Non sibi, sed Patriae, praeluxit Lampadis instar,"Deperdens oleam, non operam, Ille suam:"In minimis fide Servo, majoribus apto,"Maxima nunc Domini gaudia adire dutur."

Henry Robinson (c. 1553 – 1616) was an English priest, Bishop of Carlisle from 1598 to 1616. He was educated at The Queen's College, Oxford, where he was elected fellow in 1575 and received his DD in 1590. He was Principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1576–1581, and then Provost of The Queen's College, 1581–1598. He was also a member of Gray's Inn from 1601 and took part in the Hampton Court Conference of 1603.


Church of England titles
Preceded by
John Meye
Bishop of Carlisle
Succeeded by
Robert Snowden