Henry Smith Williams

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Henry Smith Williams
Born 1863
Died 1943
Occupation Author, Doctor, Lawyer
Nationality American
Genres Science, History, Medicine

Henry Smith Williams was a medical doctor, lawyer, and author of a number of books on medicine, history, and science. He was born in 1863 and died in 1943.[1]

Dr. Henry Smith Williams is one of our very few physicians and scientists of national reputation, combining as he does an expert knowledge of medical facts, a position of authority in his profession, and a remarkable gilt for straightforward, untechnical writing that all can understand and enjoy. Beginning his practice of medicine in 1884, he has held many positions of honor and trust, such as Medical Superintendent of the New York Infant Asylum, and the Randall's Island Hospitals, New York; Assistant Physician to Bloomingdale Asylum; and has written many authoritative books on medical and related subjects, notably: "A History of Science" , "The Wonder of Science in Modern Life", "Miracles of Science", "Adding Years to Your Life", etc., etc., also editor of "The Historians' History of the World." He has also contributed many notable articles to McClure's Magazine and to medical journals.

— , advertisement for the book Painless Childbirth[2]

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