Henry Theodore Tuckerman

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Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Henry Theodore Tuckerman (April 20, 1813 – December 17, 1871) was an American writer, essayist and critic.

Tuckerman was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a sympathetic and delicate critic, with a graceful style. He wrote extensively both in prose and verse. He travelled much in Italy, which influenced his choice of subjects in his earlier writings. These include The Italian Sketch-book (1835); Isabel, or Sicily: A Pilgrimage (1839); two volumes of verse, Poems (1851) and A Sheaf of Verse (1864); Thoughts on the Poets (1864); The Criterion, or the Test of Talk About Familiar Things (1866); The Book of the Artists (1867); Leaves from the Diary of a Dreamer, etc. He was prominent in the literary life of New York City after 1845.


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