Henry Turner (endocrinologist)

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Henry H. Turner.jpg
Born Henry
Harrisburg, Illinois
Died August 4, 1970
Oklahoma City, OK
Cause of death
Complications of lung cancer
Nationality American
Education University of Louisville School of Medicine
Occupation endocrinologist
Employer University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Known for Turner Syndrome
Title Chief of Endocrinology, Associate Dean
Spouse(s) Frances Bulkley
Children Marian Frances And Alice Ann

Henry H. Turner (August 28, 1892 – August 4, 1970) was an American endocrinologist, noted for his published description of Turner Syndrome in 1938 at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Internal Secretions. He served as chief of endocrinology and as associate dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Turner was born in Harrisburg, Illinois. He received his medical education at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and graduated in 1921. He died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1970.