Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine

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Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine
Heinrich Pfalzgraf bei Rhein.jpg
Henry V of Brunswick, Count Palatine of the Rhine (Christian Tunica, 1836)
Spouse(s) Agnes of Hohenstaufen
Agnes of Landsberg
Noble family House of Guelph
Father Henry the Lion
Mother Matilda of England
Born 1173
Died 28 April 1227(1227-04-28)
Buried Brunswick Cathedral

Henry (1173 – 28 April 1227) was count palatine of the Rhine from 6 August 1195 to 1213.

Henry was the eldest son of Duke Henry the Lion, from his marriage to Matilda, eldest daughter of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He grew up in England and became count palatine of the Rhine through his 1193 marriage to Agnes, heir to the Count of Staufen. When his younger brother Otto became one of two rival kings of the Holy Roman Empire in 1198, Henry at first supported him, but switched sides to Philip of Staufen in 1203. After the death of his cousin Arthur I, Duke of Brittany in April 1203, Henry effectively became the heir of his uncle John Lackland to the English throne, this ended though when John's son (the future Henry III) was born in October 1207. After he inherited significant properties in northern Germany from his brother William in 1213, he ceded the Palatinate to his son Henry, and moved north. He left his northern German properties to William's son, Otto. Henry died in 1227 and is entombed in Brunswick Cathedral.


In 1193, Henry married Agnes (born 1177, died 1204), daughter of Conrad, Count Palatine of the Rhine. Around 1209, he married Agnes (died 1248), daughter of Conrad II, Margrave of Lusatia. He had the following children, all from the first marriage:



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Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine
Born: ? 1173 Died: 28 April 1227
German nobility
Preceded by
Count Palatine of the Rhine
Succeeded by
Henry VI
English royalty
Preceded by
Arthur I, Duke of Brittany
Heir to the English Throne
as heir presumptive

6 April 1199 – 1 October 1207
Succeeded by
Henry of Winchester