Henry W. Armstrong

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This article is about Henry W. Armstrong. For the three time world champion boxer, see Henry Armstrong.
Henry W. Armstrong
Born (1879-07-22)July 22, 1879
Somerville, Massachusetts, US
Died February 22, 1951(1951-02-22) (aged 71)
New York, New York, US
Occupations musician, songwriter, boxer, booking agent, producer
Instruments singing, piano

Henry W. "Harry" Armstrong (July 22, 1879 – February 28, 1951) was a US boxer, booking agent, producer, singer, pianist and Tin Pan Alley composer.

His biggest hit was "Sweet Adeline", written in 1903 with Richard H. Gerard. His 1905 song "Nellie Dean" became the signature song of the British music hall singer Gertie Gitana, and a popular British pub song.


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