Henry of Lexington

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Henry of Lexington
Bishop of Lincoln
Diocese Diocese of Lincoln
Elected December 1253
Term ended 8 August 1258
Predecessor Robert Grosseteste
Successor Richard of Gravesend
Other posts Dean of Lincoln
Consecration 17 May 1254
Personal details
Died 8 August 1258
Nettleham, Lincolnshire
Denomination Catholic

Henry of Lexington (or Henry Lexington; died 1258) was a medieval Bishop of Lincoln.


Henry's nephew was Oliver Sutton the Bishop of Lincoln from 1280 to 1299.[1] He held the prebend of Calne in the diocese of Salisbury before becoming treasurer of Salisbury by 13 January 1239.[2] By January 1246 he was Dean of Lincoln.[3] His father Richard had been a royal judge. Henry's brother Robert of Lexinton was also a judge, and his brother John was a knight and clerk of the royal household, at various times seneschal, envoy, and keeper of the seals. Another brother was Stephen of Lexington, a Cistercian monk and abbot of Clairvaux abbey.[4]

Henry was elected to the see of Lincoln on either 21 or 30 December 1253 and consecrated on 17 May 1254,[5] at London or possibly at Lambeth.[1]

Henry died on 8 August 1258[5] at Nettleham near Lincoln.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Robert Grosseteste
Bishop of Lincoln
Succeeded by
Richard of Gravesend