Henry of Speyer

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Henry of Speyer
Henry of Speyer.jpg
Henry of Speyer
Spouse(s) Adelaide of Alsace
Noble family Salian dynasty
Father Otto von Worms
Mother Judith (of Bavaria?)
Born c. 965/970
Died between 989 and 992
Buried Worms Cathedral

Henry of Speyer, Count in the Wormsgau (German: Heinrich von Speyer; c. 965/970 – 989/992) was the father of the Emperor Conrad II.

He was the oldest son of Otto von Worms and married Adelaide of Alsace, the sister of the Count of Alsace. She outlived him by many years and died in 1046. Little is known of his life, since he died at around the age of 20.

He was buried in Worms Cathedral along with his daughter Judith.

His son was Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor.