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Virus classification
Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Family: Hepeviridae
Genus: Hepevirus

Hepatitis E virus
Rat hepatitis E virus

Hepevirus is a viral genus assigned to the Hepeviridae family. This genus is not to be confused with the Herpesvirus family. Hepevirus is a fairly isolated viral genus in which the virions are characterized by round, non-enveloped and isometric[disambiguation needed] capsids with a diameter of 27–34 nm. The type species is Hepatitis E virus.[1]


The Hepevirus genome is 7176 nucleotides long and it infects vertebrates. Additionally, the genome is monopartite, and linear ssRNA (+). The genome is 5' capped with a poly A tail at the 3' end. There are three main open reading frames are encoded by the Hepevirus genome. The first encodes non-structural proteins, the second encodes the capsid proteins, and the third encodes a small, multifunctional protein.


Viruses from this family have been isolated from birds and bats.[2][3] The creation of new genera within this family to accommodate these viruses seems likely. At least three genospecies of hepatitis E like viruses have been isolated from birds.[4]

A Hepatitis E like virus has been isolated from a Swedish moose.[5] This virus is quite distinct from the other known Hepatitis E viruses.


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