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Herb Cohen
Born USA
Citizenship American
Alma mater New York University[1]
(BA, Political Science)
(JD, Law)

Herb Cohen is an American negotiation expert.

He is a corporate and governmental consultant on negotiating strategy, commercial dealings and crisis management. He is the author of New York Times bestseller - You Can Negotiate Anything and has written several publications, as well as given speeches on topics related to deal making, sales, negotiation, branding, and motivation.

Early life and education[edit]

Cohen was born in United States, to Jewish immigrant parents.[2] He studied B.A. in Political Science as an undergraduate course at New York University. He later earned his Juris Doctor degree in law.


Cohen's first formal experience with negotiation was a class he taught for attorneys on the subject in 1963, while he was working as a claims adjuster. [1][3]

Cohen taught negotiating strategy as a consultant to corporations, governmental entities, and other organizations. He joined the University of Michigan's Graduate School of Business as a member of the faculty. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at a number of institutions, including The Harvard Negotiating Project, Yale Law School, The Kellogg School, Wharton, University of Wisconsin, University of California-San Diego, McGill University, UBC and the Columbia University and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.[1]

He served in the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment of the Army.

Herb Cohen wrote You Can Negotiate Anything in 1982; it became a bestseller on the New York Times list. He also authored Negotiate This! By Caring...But Not T-H-A-T Much in 2006.[4]

He also offers his services as a keynote speaker.[5][6][7]

Personal life[edit]

Herb Cohen lives in the United States, with his wife Ellen. They have three children.


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