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Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett, 1st Baronet (30 April 1842 – 23 June 1921) was a civil engineer and contractor responsible for many landmark buildings in London. Born at Hardington Mandeville, he was chairman and managing director of Perry & Co., with which he was associated with for 59 years. He was made a Baronet in 1913.[1]

He married Ada Charlotte Barr, and on his death his baronetcy passed to his grandson, Basil, after his first son and successor in the business died prematurely at sea in 1920.

The Bartlett, the Faculty of the Built Environment at University College London is named after him, as is the Bartlett Building at University College London. It was opened on 4 June 1920 to house Karl Pearson's Galton Eugenics Laboratory.

Notable works[edit]

Bartlett's contracts and designs included:

He also assisted Ernest Shackleton fitting out his first expedition to the South Pole and was a keen yachtsman, being commodore of the Royal London Yacht Club.